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          At Bear Hugs Consulting we

-love babies and children and are fascinated with their growing minds!   

-believe that a strong Parent-Child-Connection is the foundation of joyful and peaceful parenting.

-believe... when parents understand their developing child connection happens.

-believe that all behavior is a child's best attempt to communicate and connect with us. 

-believe... the feelings and needs of each family member are valid and deserving.


-believe... when parents heal emotional wounds from their own childhood, breaking generational cycles, parenting becomes easier.

Our mission


Whether you're already 0n your parenting journey, or a young couple planning to start your family, our mission is to........


Help you fill your parenting journey with joy, inspiration, laughter and captivating moments.


Help you understand your developing child so you can truly enjoy every day with

your little miracle(s), and

Help you to see parenting, as well as all of your relationships, through the sweet lens of connection.



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Ahhhh, Sweet connection


My coaching sessions with Angie helped me set a clear path forward in my parenting journey.  She has a compassionate ability to hold space for the parents she helps and, during our time together, helped me to dive deep into my own personal 
triggers and understand why I am the way I am, and how it shows up in my  parenting.  With Angie's guidance I was able to self-assess ("connect the dots"), understand my own nervous system, and discover tools to help regulate myself so that I can show up as the best parent I can be for my daughter.  I believe that all parents can benefit from the type of parent coaching Angie provides, no matter what stage they are at in their parenting journey.  It is never too late to turn things around with your children and show up as the parent you want to be!
- Cristina P

For any parent that needs help, parent coaching with Angela is an absolute lifeline!  I’ve tried four or five parenting programs & read many books over the last ten years and none of them got to the heart of the disconnect like the Parent Child Connection Program (PCC).  Teenage years and high school brought me to my knees and if I didn’t have Angela and her guidance I cannot even imagine where I’d be.  The program is profound and impactful and the weekly coaching with Angela is invaluable. It’s one thing to learn something and hope to absorb it all, but it adds an entirely new layer to have a coach to reflect and navigate you through your emotions.  Addressing how I was parented and how it trickled into my parenting was a huge breakthrough into a new kind of parenting for me.  In addition, Angela’s vast knowledge of Child Development (Typical and Atypical) was an extra bonus and an invaluable resource.  I whole heartedly recommend Angela to any parent that needs support.   My relationships and communication with my children (and family) have become everything I hoped for and more.                                                                                                                                Again, LIFE CHANGING  RESULTS!
-Stefanie B – mom of 2 teenage boys

In our role as coordinators for Atlanta’s “Three to Get Married” marriage preparation retreat, we are charged with finding experienced and highly qualified people to develop and deliver specialized topics to our engaged couples.  Angela, in particular, is a presenter that we believe is worthy of very high praise due to the unique skill sets she brings to our couples.  Her education and experience in Elementary Education, Child Development, Parenting, and Parent Coaching, mixed with her volunteer experience with foster care children and engaged couples, allows her to deliver rich and highly engaging content to couples who are looking for guidance to make their marriage and future family life the best it can be.   Angela has been presenting her “Preparing to Be a Parent” talk for 3 years and consistently scores very high on in depth evaluations that we receive from the couples.  We enthusiastically recommend Angela based on the results we have seen from her work in our marriage prep program. 

Anne and Bob Holdsworth (St. Brendan's Catholic Church)

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